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Tax Preparer :

Welcome to the most preferred website to prepare and report excise taxes electronically. As a Tax Preparer our website servers to all your expectations and one stop resource center for IRS e-file and e-payment information. ThinkTrade, Inc and its tax products bring you all new experience in efiling your client’s tax returns in a convenient and accurate way. We've included everything you'll need to get started in e-file the IRS tax forms and take advantage of convenient electronic payment options (e-pay) as well as will help keeping you up-to-date.

We hope this information will be helpful to you as you make the transition to electronic filing using ThinkTrade, Inc. tax products e-file and e-pay for your clients. Remember, there's more to e-file than excise tax forms. a premium product from ThinkTrade, Inc. to efile Business and Personal Income Tax Extension forms 4868, 7004 & 8868. The number of excise tax and extension tax returns filed electronically continues to grow with the launch of electronic filing options.

Advantages for the Tax Preparers:

IRS e-file has its own advantages and brings in peace of mind. practitioners
  • E-filing is completely secured and enables you to process your client’s tax returns instantly
  • Keeps you updated on the return status and a repository to manage all your clients tax data for free.
  • Convenient way to report excise taxes with the IRS and choose your preferred way to make the IRS tax payments
  • No more waiting at the IRS office, access the website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from just about any computer with an Internet connection and keep filing your returns.

48-Hour Acknowledgement = Peace of Mind.

When you file your client's tax return electronically, you'll receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours that the IRS has received it.
  • IRS e-file is even better than using registered mail.
  • Tax Preparers who’ve switched to IRS e-file and used ThinkTrade, Inc. tax products say it was well worth it.
  • IRS e-file and e-pay can help create loyal, satisfied clients.

More new features to enhance client management;

ThinkTrade Inc. being in the efiling service since 2007 has served thousands of CPA’s. We are the first to have a special discounted payment mode for Tax Preparers like you. Read through the most unique features and enhanced service we proffer.
  • Have your secured access and create as many as users you need for your assistance to prepare and report taxes.
  • Privileged access and you define what is available for your assistance
  • Record Keeping is now easy and all is available to you anytime, just access the website and manage it to your needs.
  • Customized Dashboard, to fix up priorities and enhance the way you serve your clients.
  • Special discounted pricing for your convenience and pay using your credit or debit card with our any transaction fee. You pay what you see. No hidden charges.

Support for you is just a phone call away, call out Help Desk number 1-866-245-3918 and have all your queries answered. Not just to call for support, you can share your experience, suggestions and feedbacks will defiantly help us a lot.

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