IRS Tax Form 2290 Refund Claims on Over Payment of Taxes

When you owe a claim or refund from IRS on a taxable heavy vehicle (reported in IRS Tax Form 2290) that is already paid for that tax period or over paid you can claim a refund using IRS Tax Refund Claims Form 8849 and Schedule 6 returns, choose overpayment of tax category to make this claim.

Where us the other refund claims on the heavy vehicles, Low Mileage Claims or Sold Vehicle Claims can be made along with the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 while reporting tax. However for Overpayment of tax you need to use Form 8849 with Schedule 6 to claim it.

Use IRS Tax Form 8849 – Schedule 6 return to claim a refund on your 2290 claims. Which would be on;

  1. Overpayment of Tax
  2. Low Mileage Vehicle Claims
  3. Sold, Destroyed or Stolen Vehicle Claims

Overpayment of Tax on a Heavy Vehicle:

When you’re about to report a Refund Claim on a Vehicle, that is tagged as Overpayment you need to have the following handy;

  1. The Vehicle Identification Number
  2. The Tax Period and Date of Filing
  3. Taxable Gross Weight of the Vehicle
  4. Type of Vehicle, is that a Logging Vehicle
  5. Previously reported Form 2290 and
  6. Schedule-1 copy with IRS e-file watermark or stamp on it

Please note the Overpayment of Tax can be claimed after the tax amount is realized by the IRS, cannot be processed in-between. You need to explain in detail about why you’re making this claim under this category and attached the valid Form 2290 which is already filed with the IRS and the Schedule-1 copies to IRS to process your claim.

Overpayment of tax is paying taxes on a vehicle more than once, at some scenario when a user e-filed 2290 and also paid at some other place. IRS would validate the claim and process it, the refund is paid as a check and sent to the mailing address in their records.

You can electronically claim this refund so that it would expedite the process and you can expect your check within 45 days upon acceptance. IRS might be sending you a formal letter asking for more clarity if required, you may acknowledge it accordingly.

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